AWTAD Property Development is the development arm of MAZ Investments, and the engine behind the materialising of all its property projects.

AWTAD Property Development has three key business lines: residential, commercial and hospitality real estate.

AWTAD Property Development’s first line of business is to recruit the right teams for the right tasks – from architects and lead consultants, to contractors with proven records and highly recommended sub-contractors.

Having completed this part of the process, we then bring the project to market with the following steps: 

  • All projects are registered with RERA. Each account, once registered with RERA, is then placed in Escrow.
  • The client and developer then sign a Sales Purchase Agreement for every individual property unit purchased. 
  • All payments toward the unit will be deposited into the project’s Escrow account.
  • The property will be registered with Dubai Land Department via the OQOOD registration process.
  • The buyer must then pay for a registration fee that is equal to 4% of the total price of the property at the time of purchase. 
  • After said steps have been completed, a round of follow ups regarding payments and project updates will be planned accordingly. 
  • The entire process is completed with the smooth and successful delivery of projects and units.

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