When a home is what you seek, we discover a place that is uniquely you. When luxury is your indulgence, we craft the finest in living experiences. When you want a place in the world to call your own, we build worlds where you feel at home.

From Hollywood to New York and now in Dubai, LIV has built a legacy of bespoke homes for the discerning global citizen. A confluence of expertise, elegance and experience, our creations are landmarks in their own right. We believe that everything, big and small, must fall in place to make the ultimate statement in luxury living. At LIV, it does.

Complete harmony is a hallmark of LIV spaces. Our surroundings, our partners, our patrons – we share a common vision – one that will transform the idea of what a home is.

LIV New York is a luxury residential developer, building bespoke homes in New York. We specialize in the development of custom, upscale homes and residential communities. The firm is involved in land acquisition, development, subdivisions, and various real estate services. With our deep historic roots in New York, Our homes give us the opportunity to put our mark on the renowned Gold Coast lifestyle.

LIV Los Angeles develops upscale residential developments in prime areas of Los Angeles and Orange County. Our developments provide homes that focus on attention to detail, with a view for both an indoor and outdoor lifestyle. Our homes are multifunctional for any family or young professional. Our dedication to quality and function has resulted in a track record of satisfied clients over the years.

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